Marketing Companies in London

Marketing companies; a Brief Explanation

You've just set up a brand new company, or perhaps you are rebranding your company or simply put you need to drum up some new and exciting business. But, you are busy running your business, so what do you do? Look to recruit the services of a professional marketing company. You will need to ensure the service you are recruiting understands your business, and that they are reputable with checkable references and testimonials. All marketing, in any form, is an expensive business and if you get it wrong, you are literally throwing money down the drain. There are many different ways to market your business, phone, email, post, presentations etc., so taking the advice of a professional who has tried and tested methods is sure to ease the stress.

Where to Start your Search?

Looking across the UK as a whole; there are a wealth of marketing businesses ready to offer you their services. Geographically it shouldn't matter too much where they are based if they are going to use email, telephone and post as their medium to reach out to your customers and clients. However, from your point of view it is wise to use a company where you can meet face to face. If you are based in London you have a wide spectrum of choices from low to high level companies. Use forums to see what others are saying. If the only marketing you need help with is your website then of course looking for a Search Engine Optimisation specialist company will be your first port of call. There are comparison sites out there for all types of marketing so it may be wise to start there.

London Based Marketing Companies

Using your search engine you can begin to track down the right type of marketing business for you. Many firms are now using social networks and social media sites to promote their businesses and to reach out to a new client base. So when searching the internet use search terms such as social media marketing companies and not just marketing if that is a preference you think you would use. Social media has boomed in recent years and brings together the social media community with the more conventional marketing and advertising modes.

Is the Marketing Industry Regulated?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing lists the qualifications available for a career in the marketing industry, if you find a company that uses those qualifications you can rest assured the standard will be of a certain calibre. The Chartered Institute of Marketing's website has various tabs to explore. Additionally, some marketing companies offer a free trial period, which is a great way to test out each other!