Marketing Companies

Marketing Companies

Many businesses have had the unpleasant surprise of bringing their product or service to the marketplace, only to find that it immediately sinks without trace.

One of the differentiators between companies that succeed commercially and those that fail, is whether or not they have used appropriate marketing companies to help them penetrate their target market segments.

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Benefits of Marketing Companies for Your UK Business

Sometimes a new product or service is developed which is revolutionary, extremely cost-attractive and which has a potentially huge impact.

However, if potential customers do not know of its existence, then it is unlikely to sell spontaneously. Making sure that your basic commercial proposition has visibility in the right areas is the job of professional marketing experts.

Some organisations believe that marketing is essentially a matter of simply taking out a few advertisements in appropriate media areas such as periodicals, newspapers or on certain internet sites etc.

Useful as that may be, it might beg many questions:
• do you know that your advertisements are being placed in the right places for your target market segment customers to spot;

• is the context of your message clear, unambiguous and optimal in terms of catching people’s attention? For example, naïve or amateurish graphic designs in advertisements may prove to be counter-productive rather than attractive;

• are you looking at all the channels that are appropriate in the 21st century world, including things such as the social media;

• do you understand how to track the success or otherwise of your advertising campaign;

• are you achieving a return on investment in terms of your advertising – in other words, even if your ads are being seen and are well-regarded, are they resulting in conversions to sales?

These are all fundamental questions which might not be easily answered unless you have experience in marketing or are using professional marketing companies to help you.

In all of the above it is necessary to understand things such as demographics, market segment analysis and competitor intelligence.

If you have your own experienced marketing function, then fine. If you do not, it might be advisable to seek this expertise externally.

In fact, it is highly desirable to include marketing expertise in your initial product or service development. Things such as advanced market research are critically important if you are to avoid developing a product or service that, to put it bluntly, the market just doesn’t want.

In spite of some occasionally expressed views to the contrary, it can prove to be extremely difficult to create a market for products and services if they are simply not in tune with consumer demand.

This is why marketing companies exist, firstly to help develop sales propositions that are likely to be well received and secondly to ensure that they are visible in the right places once they’re ready.

Prices & Rates

The fees charged by professional marketing companies are perhaps unlikely to ever be encapsulated in a simple tabular form.

That’s because so much will depend upon the nature of the specific services you require and indeed the size of your eventual product development and marketing activities.

Almost inevitably, the first stage will be an informal and very possibly free discussion, relating to your objectives and the identification of how a given provider of marketing services might be able to help. Once that has crystallised past the initial concept stage, you will typically receive a costed proposal.

Choosing the Best Marketing Companies

Perhaps unlike many other domains, identifying an appropriate marketing company is often very much a matter of subjectivity.

However, here are a few tips you may wish to consider when looking at potential providers of marketing services:

Ask to be shown a portfolio of clients including at least some that will be willing to act as a professional reference for their services;

Do they have experience of your industry sector? Although this might not be an absolute showstopper, your marketing company’s ability to understand your target segments and business issues may be far higher if they have worked with similar companies previously;

Are they able to offer any sort of success measures relating to their services? Ultimately, you are marketing in order to improve your sales and although you may regard the campaign as being visually brilliant, if it doesn’t do anything for your bottom line then it might be difficult to see it as a success ;

What sort of track record do they have over time? Some marketing organisations come and go relatively quickly. Looking for one that is able to provide you with an on-going relationship might be highly advisable;

How well do they understand modern technology? Both in terms of the channel delivery of your product plus the marketing campaign itself, it is imperative that an integrated approach is adopted including things such as internet advertising and social media services.

In short, selecting a suitably qualified provider might not be easy but that is where we may be able to offer assistance.

Marketing Companies in the UK

A brief selection of potential marketing company solutions would include some of the following organisations:

Marketing Companies UK – an organisation specialising in social media campaigns;

Jenkinson & Associates Marketing– a smaller-sized Leicestershire based organisation specialising in personal bespoke marketing solutions;

IBMC – a company based in Scotland that specialises in internet marketing strategies;

Catalina Marketing– an organisation with a very impressive portfolio of clients and a history going back into the mid-1990s.

Next Steps?

It’s perfectly possible to do nothing for a long period of time, other than to think that you really must do something about your marketing at some time in the future.

While you do so, your competition might be grabbing an ever-larger share of the marketplace due to smart marketing techniques.

If the thought of that makes you uneasy but you’re unsure of what to do next, why not let us help?

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